“THERMO-SHIELD® coatings are specifically designed to solve all the problems found in common paint and roofing systems.  With THERMO-SHIELD®  coatings, your roof & wall will last a very long time, even in the harshest climates and conditions, and saves energy.”  


THERMO-SHIELD®  products were developed in America by General Industries Corp, a chemical specialty company with over 25 years of experience. The company spent seven years developing  THERMO-SHIELD® into a roof coating that could solve all the problems common to roofing systems.


The roofing system is designed for a tougher kind of environment and is suitable for use in Metal Roofing, Asbestos Roofing, RC Roof, Exterior Wall and Water Proofing.


This innovative roofing technology is considered a Space Shuttle technology. It combines strength, lightweight protection and integral insulation. The  THERMO-SHIELD®  Roof System when in place becomes a seamless, continuous smooth surface that is able to withstand bad weather conditions, airborne contaminants  and extreme temperature fluctuations.


Other important  THERMO-SHIELD®  Roof System benefits include :

  • Waterproofs roofs, even low sloped

  • A high degree of puncture-resistance due to its outstanding tensile strength

  • Exceptional elongation of characteristics

  • Absolute bond ability to a wide variety of substrates

  • Stability under an extreme range of temperature fluctuations

  • High resistance to atmospheric pollution

  • High resistance to UV degradation        

Themo-Shield roof coating system   Themo-Shield roof coating system